Day One

Your Favorite of the Seven Books?

That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say The Order of the Phoenix.  It was the first book I read and it got me hooked.  After I finished it (in a day and a half), I went out and bought the rest (1-4).  I burnt through them in no time and then waited impatiently for the next one to come out.


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One response to “Day One

  1. NOoooooo! Sirius’ death. Someone spoiled the death for me, and for how attached I was to the marauders I fell into a deep harry potter depression. In fact I was convinced that he could come back for the veil just by sheer will of my persuasion of thought. Obviously not. I was angry at Rowling all the way until ‘I open at the close’ in the very last book with the resurrecting stone.

    Also, I started on the fourth book. My grandpa had bought me them each year, I thought I was too cool, one night I had nothing to read so I picked it up. I read it in one night, by the light of the bar behind our house with my arms killing me from holding the book up to see. I bought the rest in a similar fashion and read them as fast as I could.

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