dogs are jerks

not always.  but most of the time.  like the time i let them out in the backyard yesterday and they discovered that the gate was open.  so, being jerks, they decided they better go and see what was going on in the neighbourhood.

i hadn’t heard any noise from them in a while so i looked out the window to check on them.  i couldn’t see them in the yard.  weird.  then i heard pepper barking.  but it sounded far away.  like it was in the front of the house.  weird.  so i went and looked out the front window.  there are both my dogs in the middle of the street and the teenage goth from across the street is trying to wrangle them up to the house (wearing a purple tutu and black tights, no less).  she had daisy by the collar and pepper was following them at a safe distance, screaming at the girl.  i imagine he was sayinG:  “DONT YOU TOUCH HER!!!  YOU LET GO OF HER RIGHT NOW!!!  LEAVE DAISY ALONE!!!  STRANGER STRANGER STRANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

i ran to the front door an opened it, exclaiming, “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING???  GET INSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!”  they both ran in and looked at me like, “oh, hi mommy.  what’s up?”

i thanked the girl profusely.  she replied with a sullen “no prob” as she slouched back across the street to take her dog for a walk.  what a hero.


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One response to “dogs are jerks

  1. bunny

    Oh pepper. Well at least he’s up on his stranger danger. Though the local teenage goth clearly posts no issue. Hooray to being brought home!

    Katie wouldve been long long long gone, as we both well know.

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